Monday, January 15, 2007

The end

Giant robots destroying everything.......I thought I would try somthing a little different and mix it up a bit.


Anonymous said...

Hey, Mike! This is Jos of the Vancouver Humphrey clan, from way back when on Betty 1. Justin pointed me to your blog. Congrats on the new baby! (Nicola says so, too.)

We're all working on a show that could use your talents, which I understand would have to be freelanced from out there in Flatland. Where can I find your email address to discuss?

Hope you're well.

marcobucci said...

nice work! This has a whole lot of mood to it.

Mike.Gauss said...

Hey, Jos ! I havent talked to you in a long tme. I hope you and Nicola are doing good. you can email me at... , let me know whats goin on.

DdK said...

Holy Crap Mike!!! This is awesome! have you bin dosing on awesome pills 'r sumthin? (Where can a fella score some o' those anyhoo?)

GhettoFab said...

kik ass!!!! Much goodness Mr Gauss!!